Garden Games

Summer time doesn’t have to be expensive trips out every day. Here are some fun suggestions to keep your little ones busy in the holidays that are either free or cheap.

Water painting

What you need:

  • Paint brushes
  • Plastic cup/tub clan water

Watch how much fun they have painting the paving slabs, brick walls and even fences.

Sack racing

What you need:

  • Old pillow cases
  • String for starting & finishing line

Line the children at the starting line, help them get into their race sacks and call out “ready, steady, GO”. First to the finishing line is the winner.

Drawing with chalk

What you need:

  • Chalk

A cheap box of chalk from your local pound store will keep the kids entertained for hours decorating your paving slabs and house brick with their master pieces. It will soon wash off with a bit of rain or sponge off.


What you will need:

  • Chalk

Draw hopscotch on the ground with chalk. Each player has a marker such as a stone.

Stand at the start throw the stone into the first square, hop over square one and hop through the grid with one foot and landing with both feet where there are 2 squares, continue to the end, turn around and hop back, stop in square 2 pick up the stone and hop to the last square and leave the grid.

Next players turn.

On the next turn the stone is thrown into square 2 and so on...

You miss a turn and have to start that turn again if you stone lands in the wrong box or outside the box, you do not hop or jump onto the square with the correct amount of feet or you topple over and leave the grid at any point of your turn.

Beanbag Race

You will need:

  • Bean Bags
  • String for starting & finishing line

Line the children at the starting line and start the race by either of these suggestions:
- Balancing the bean bag on head

- Between both knees

- In crawling position and place bean bag on back

When all children are ready call “ready, steady, GO”. If the beanbag falls the child must return to the starting line and start again as quickly as possible! First to reach the finishing line with their beanbag wins.

Water fights

What you need:

  • Empty washing up liquid bottle or similar
  • Large bowl/bucket of water

What kid doesn’t like a water fight when the weather is hot, even the adults can join in. Leave the bowl of water outside to refill the bottles and away you go! This never fails laughter.

Do you have any free or cheap garden games to share? We'd love to hear them!